Welcome to Round Barn Woodcrafts

We take pride in creating attractive, functional wood creations. We make our products so you can use them in your everyday life, instead of buying a tchotchke that is relegated to life on a shelf. Our 100% natural, handmade products are made from Midwestern hardwoods such as:

  • Maple
  • Black Cherry
  • Black Walnut
  • White Oak
  • Red Oak
  • Ash
  • Hickory

Some of the domestic woods come from trees on family land in northern Wisconsin.
We also use some lesser known exotic woods from Africa, Central and South America and Mexico. We buy our exotics from a reputable dealer, so we can be sure that every piece of lumber we purchase is logged legally and responsibly. Among these exotic woods are:

  • Padauk
  • Purpleheart
  • Paela
  • Bloodwood
  • Canarywood
  • Leopardwood
  • Zebrawood
  • Redheart
  • Yellowheart (Brazilian satinwood)
  • Santos Mahogany
  • Argentine Lignum Vitae
  • Macacauba
  • Cocobolo
  • Wenge
  • Ziricote
  • Various other Mahoganies
Our products;

The Gallery, above, shows items we've made. Since we work with so many different woods, most of our products are unique, with a personality all their own. The Gallery is just a representative of the product and all of our items can be customized to whatever wood you choose.

The list of products we currently produce is as follows:
  • Baker Board
  • Bar Board
  • Bench Knife (Scooper/Scraper)
  • Bottle Stoppers
  • Bread Tray
  • Candle Holders
  • Cheese Board
  • Chopping Block
  • Cutting Board
  • Clock
  • Clipboard
  • Cribbage Board
  • Chess/Checker Board
  • Handle Board
  • Hand-turned Pens
  • Heart shaped cheeseboard
  • Heart shaped snack bowl
  • Lazy Susans
  • Oval bowl
  • Pizza Peel
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Pot Strainer
  • Rolling Pin
  • Salt & Pepper Shakers
  • Treenware – Spatulas, Oven Rack Pullers, Spreaders, Toaster Tongs
We also custom blend oils and other ingredients for our own Butcher Block Oil and Cutting Board Conditioner.

Caring for a wooden item is simple! You can find care instructions in the tab on the left under "Documentation." Click on "Use and Care" for complete, comprehensive and simple instructions. Wooden cutting boards have been proven, by several major universities, to be safer than plastic cutting boards in terms of bacteria. Please read the "Wood vs. Plastic" article under the "Documentation" tab for more information under "Wood vs. Plastic." With minimal care, your wooden items will last many years and can be passed on to the next generation.

We invite you to take a look around our site often. We add new items frequently and they'll be posted on the website. We also do special orders, just in case you have an item you're interested in. All it takes is a phone call (920-889-4943 or 920-889-4944) or   e-mail and we can get started on your project today!