Who We Are:
John has been woodworking for over 20 years, making items for his home and for gifts. A call for "crafters" for a local Elementary School prompted him to give selling his wares a try! From that show, in fall of 2010, Round Barn Woodcrafts was born.
John and Trudie Hechel
We've often been asked if we have a round barn. And sadly, we do not. John grew up in Sheboygan County, not far from a round barn, which he drove past every day on his way to work. He took inspiration from this and eventually named his business Round Barn Woodcrafts. Our creations are born in our home garage, which has never seen a car!
In the fall of 2013, Trudie took a more active role in the business after finding herself unemployed and in the midst of a very limited job market. She now designs and creates many of our items and also has the title of "sander extraordinaire!"
Our Concept:
Our concept is simple – create beautiful hand-crafted items from quality materials that are fully functional to enhance and simplify your daily life.
Our vision is to:
  • Provide the best consumer value
  • Maintain outstanding customer service
  • Produce innovative, functional, and quality products
What We Do:
From a rough-sawn board, a beautiful cutting board, pizza peel, clipboard, pen, etc., emerges. But not without the dedication to perform the steps necessary to coax the beauty from within: planing, measuring, cutting, gluing, shaping, sanding and finishing. The majority of our items are natural colors, meaning we do not use stains or dyes, especially when it comes to items that are food-contact.
We purchase our lumber from reputable dealers, so we know that everyone in the supply chain is in compliance with the import laws regarding lumber. We also purchase from local sawyers who are well versed in forest management. From time to time, we'll have some lumber from family property in northern Wisconsin.
We recycle our sawdust and shavings by donating these items to a local hobby farmer, who uses them as livestock bedding. They also use any remaining woodscraps as fuel to heat their home.